Patliputara Medical College & Hospital

Mission, Vission & Values


The Mission of the Patliputra Medical College, Dhanbad is to develop and train excellent, caring and ethical doctors. We seek to provide excellence in medical education, research and scholarship delivered in the context of faith and values, with respect for human life, dignity and social justice.

Specifically this includes :

  • Excellence in training in communication and clinical skills to produce highly technically skilled graduates;
  • Excellence in training in ethics, philosophy and the medical humanities to produce graduates who appreciate the social and ethical obligations of doctors to the wider community;
  • Excellence in training and research with the aim of producing evidence-based practitioners who will aspire to advance medical knowledge;

Our Vision for our students

Our medical graduates will

  • Respect their patients’ rights and responsibilities for their health and health care decisions;
  • Have a fundamental understanding of health and wellbeing as well as pathology and disease;
  • Work collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplinary health professional team;
  • Have a strong sense of vocation, recognising the privilege of medical training and seek to apply their skills in ways that help those in greatest need, and to support their profession;
  • Value research with a desire to contribute to medical knowledge, critically appraise new evidence and have a passion for life-long learning.


  • Continuous Pursuit of excellence
  • Acquiring the state of the art-know how
  • Imbibing excellent in-the-job skills
  • Stimulation of open and positive minds
  • Making Universal ethical values at work ethics
  • Keep the learning curve upwards

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